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Video lessons using flight simulator to explain the basics of flying.

The path to becoming a pilot


An easy and comprehensive breakdown of what it takes to go from zero to commercial pilot

Our Updates:


Added a new page: Video Action Guides so you can download helpful guides to add even more value to my video lessons!


Video Lesson 4 published: Stalls and Spins in flight simulator/X-plane. Check it out on the video page


New video lesson Posted: Check out Lesson 3 on the video page!


Website re-opened!
After being down for about a year, the new and improved website is finally up!


Welcome to Flight Trajectory!

At Flight Trajectory, it's all about quality! We're passionate about flying and about sharing that passion with you by providing resources to help you along your path to becoming a pilot!

what I would would do with $1 million


My dream for how I could make the aviation world a better place with $1 million

Resources for pilots, designed by pilots